Using Excel for Nonprofit Data Migration

Thomas Edison famously said that “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.”  If he’d been a Salesforce user, he would have said, “Data upload is 99% preparation and 1% migration.” Data migration is the task of transferring large amounts of data into Salesforce from another platform. To accomplish this you will typically use Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program that allows you to... read more

Case Management in NPSP: A Hidden Gem

The case management functions of Salesforce are a hidden gem. These functions make any case manager’s work easier, more efficient and certainly more effective. The case management function offers a one-stop ability to track a client’s entire interaction with the organization. It is used for recording interactions between case management staff and program participants. Nonprofits that operate... read more

New Federal Poverty Guidelines Data Released, Free Salesforce App Updated

Updated for 2017 501Partners works with a lot of organizations that need to know if their program participants are above or below the Federal Poverty Line. We created the Federal Poverty Guidelines App for Salesforce as an extension of the Nonprofit Starter Pack 3’s Household Account model to help nonprofits keep track of this information without having to look up the information in the... read more

Spring Cleaning for Your Salesforce Instance with the FieldTrip App

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean rearranging your storage closet anymore – it means cleaning out your work life too.  Emptying your inbox, reinvigorating your website, and yes– decluttering your Salesforce instance– are all part of your spring cleaning routine. Streamlining your instance is easy and mess-free with the Field Trip app, free on the app exchange. Field Trip is an easy to... read more

Salesforce Email Alert Explained: Identity Confirmation Change with Spring ‘16 Release

If you received an email from Salesforce with the title “Identity Confirmation Change with Spring ‘16 Release,” you may wonder if it will affect you and the other Salesforce users in your organization. The answer is: this security upgrade requires a small amount of effort to remind Salesforce that you are a trusted user, but it isn’t too much work on your end. Salesforce has made this... read more

Managing Grants In Salesforce is A Snap with Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0

Salesforce just made grants management a whole lot easier. (formerly the Salesforce Foundation) has added grants management fields to the most recent edition of the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP), enabling greater efficiency of time and effort for managing your external grants. If you are a nonprofit or foundation, this is exciting news for your development director! If... read more

Mastering Click and Pledge Memberships with Salesforce

In a prior blog post about “How to Handle Memberships in the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack,” we shared how to manually enter memberships into Salesforce, but what do you do if you have online memberships? Click & Pledge (C&P) a popular online donation tool that integrates excellently with Salesforce, can handle all of your online membership needs.  Click & Pledge enables... read more

New Upgrade To FormAssembly

If you use FormAssembly to manage your online forms, then you’ve probably noticed that it looks completely different. The new version, called “Gemini,” has been released to all current users. From our perspective, it is more of a user interface upgrade than a change to current functionality. One big plus is that FormAssembly has added a few new features around creating, filtering and editing... read more

Express Grants: Training Reimbursement for Nonprofits from the Workforce Training Fund

As a non-profit executive, you know that your most vital asset is your employees. In a time where you face constant challenges in technology and funding, training is essential for maintaining the effectiveness of this critical resource. Rarely does an opportunity to enhance your employee’s skills and expertise crucial to your organization present itself in as easy and generous manner as it does... read more

MapAnything: Using Geo-Analytics to Boost Your Donations

MapAnything is an incredibly powerful and robust geo-analytics tool available to Salesforce users. It’s a visual tool that is ideal for marketing and development, with clear applications for team and business management. While MapAnything wasn’t specifically designed for nonprofits, it’s a very translatable utility. We’re big fans, and we want to tell you why. The number one reason we love this... read more

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