Introducing 501 Webinars

501Partners is pleased to offer free webinars focused on solving common nonprofit pain points: managing volunteers, fundraising and development reports, creating a 360-degree view of client needs and services, efficient classroom, and attendance tracking. Join us several times a month for 30 minutes of learning.


2017 Training Topics


Roll Call & Attendance in Salesforce

Roll Call is a custom solution designed by 501Partners with educators, trainers and event planners in mind, making attendance tracking in Salesforce a seamless process. Allow us to guide you through a demonstration of this product, which facilitates bulk attendance tracking and automation, with fully configurable attendance pages, customizable fields (including photos and links), automatic record creation and management, calendar integration, and mobile compatibility.

Enhanced Volunteers for Salesforce

An effective volunteer management solution eases the workload burden around scheduling, reporting, and communicating with your volunteer network. Join this webinar to learn how our efficient solutions allow you to focus on nurturing and enhancing your relationships with your volunteers. You’ll see tools for handling both individual and group volunteers, collecting waiver forms, and tracking hours served with check-in application

Case Management with Salesforce

This webinar is geared towards organizations with call centers and one-on-one counseling services.  We’ll look at native tools available within Salesforce and customization ideas to help streamline processes and track client milestones.

Upcoming Trainings (EST)

March 23 (12-12:30PM) Roll Call & Attendance in Salesforce

March 23 (2-2:30PM) Case Management w/ Salesforce

March 30 (12-12:30PM) Enhanced Volunteers for Salesforce

April 6 (11-11:30AM) Enhanced Volunteers for Salesforce

April 13 (2-2:30PM) Roll Call & Attendance in Salesforce

April 20 (12-12:30PM) Case Management with Salesforce

May 4 (12-12:30PM) Salesforce as Your Development Hub

May 18 (12-12:30PM) MailChimp Integration with Salesforce

June 1 (12-12:30PM) Click & Pledge for Payments in Salesforce

June 15 (12-12:30PM) Click & Pledge for Events in Salesforce

*All times are EST*

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