Managing data can be time consuming for case managers. 501CaseManager, our user interface for Salesforce, lets you spend more time on mission and less capturing and entering data. Your staff works hard; we want to provide them with technology that eases the reporting workload.

501CaseManager offers:

Intuitive User Interface

Case managers see their caseload, outcomes measurements, schedule, and files in one clean, easy-to-navigate place.

High Adoption Rate

501CaseManager is all about the end user. A system is only worth investing in if staff commit to using it and enter data correctly. We focus on making that step as easy as possible.


Every organization has its own processes and workflows. 501CaseManager enhances these rather than keeping you confined to an out-of-the-box solution. Set up your intake forms, your enrollment processes, your programs, your outcomes—your solutions.

Real Reporting

Good data leads to good reports. Paired with the powerful reporting functionality of Salesforce, you’ll be able to measure impact in real time. And accurate reports lead to happy funders!

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