Click & Pledge Update: Is Your Domain Secure?

Click & Pledge, the online donation portal, has recently notified its users of a domain security update. Our clients asked us to advise them on how to respond to this. Fortunately, the solution is relatively straightforward.

Like Salesforce, Click and Pledge is aware that it is passing on extremely confidential information like credit card numbers, names, and emails. Their email is a demonstration of their commitment to following the latest protocols in ensuring that the information remains confidential.

This is what the email notification looks like:

Click and Pledge provides tools so that you can post a donation form on your website. The issue is whether the donation form is hosted locally (i.e. by you) or remotely (generally by Click and Pledge themselves). Either way you can easily confirm whether the donation form is secure.

Here are four easy steps to follow:

  • Go to your website
  • Click “Donate Now” or the equivalent
  • Look at the command line on your browser. If it begins, “https:” you are secure.
  • If it only begins “http:” you should follow the instructions in the email in consultation with your web developer.



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