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  • Introducing 501CaseManager
  • Introduction to Lightning for the NPSP (Salesforce Lightning: How Does That Strike you?)
  • Email Integration with Salesforce
  • Salesforce as Your Development Hub
  • Case Management for Salesforce
  • Enhanced Volunteers in Salesforce — Individuals
  • Enhanced Volunteers for Salesforce — Groups
  • RollCall Demo
  • Online Fundraising and Payments with Click & Pledge
  • Events Management with Click & Pledge


We’re pleased to introduce our latest ebook, Data Strategies for Nonprofits: Choosing the Right Technology at the Right Time.

Our ebook introduces the data maturity model and reviews how the model helps drive good decision-making around technology:

“You know that data is essential to your success. You need it to
communicate with donors and volunteers, track participation
numbers, and assess your impact. Data helps you achieve your
mission—if you can make it work for you.

In this ebook, we will introduce you to the ‘data maturity model,’ a
guide for helping you identify ways to:
• assess the current state of your data and technology,
• understand your challenges and needs, and
• make crucial decisions about what to do next.

We will walk you through the phases of data and technology usage
most nonprofits experience, discuss how you might know which
phase you are currently in, and explain how to make the technology
choices that are best for your organization.”