RollCall streamlines attendance tracking in Salesforce while eliminating redundancy in creating classes and enrolling students.

It can be difficult to manage classroom data, so we created RollCall to simplify the process—if a class of 20 students meets for 10 weeks, that’s 200 records you’d have to create manually or bulk upload from spreadsheets. Instead, RollCall creates all 200 records at one time and gives s an easy interface to track attendance directly in Salesforce.

RollCall is perfect for:

  • Youth-serving organizations
  • Schools
  • Training organizations with multiple classes and sessions

Recurring sessions are easily created with one entry. Information on sessions and participants reside in Salesforce for powerful reporting. RollCall can even be used on mobile devices, making it easy, accessible, and user-friendly.

RollCall works with HEDA, NPSP, Lightning, and Communities. It offers a customizable calendar for an easy view of courses. Teachers simply click on the day’s course to take attendance. Color-code by instructor or type of class, automatically skip holidays, cancel for snow days, communicate with enrollees, and more.

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