The Three Immutable, Immovable Laws of SalesForce: Law 3

By October 15, 2013 July 26th, 2018 CRM & Salesforce, Nonprofit Tech, Our Services

Law 3: Salesforce is a tool, not the silver bullet


Take a deep breath. No seriously, you’ll feel better.

Salesforce can be an incredibly powerful tool for a nonprofit. This much is clear. But it has limitations; Salesforce cannot save your entire world.

Do what you do.

Salesforce is a Tool, nothing more, nothing less. It’s designed well for specific tasks, and is poorly suited for others. For instance, a claw hammer is really of little use if you’re trying to screw in a light bulb. Don’t spend your time yearning for the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of systems, instead, focus on what your Salesforce system is designed to do well.

Do what you do.

Despite its seeming flexibility, the Nonprofit Starter Pack and several of the available apps for nonprofits handle a limited number of purposes. Is your time is better spent questing in search of the perfect answer instead of maximizing the effectiveness of those purposes. Take it from someone who has done a fair bit of questing.

Do what you do.

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