What is the 501Launchpad?

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We use the term pretty often in our offices: 501Launchpad. We introduce it to our clients when we begin Salesforce implementation at their organizations. Now, we want to outline 501Launchpad to those of you who might not already know what it is. 501Partners takes pride in our project methodology. Simply put, our goal is your mission. Rather than simply implementing Salesforce at an organization and exiting the engagement immediately afterward, 501Partners strives to be your long-term partner in data management, while also building an internal competence in Salesforce at your nonprofit. We understand that a key component of this is customizing Salesforce to your organization’s unique needs.

That’s why we developed our 501Launchpad application.

The 501Launchpad is a suite of over 150 object, field, workflow and app changes, combined with custom consulting to provide a complete implementation for donor/development operations. What exactly does this include?

  • Changes to the Nonprofit Starter Pack.  The NPSP isincomplete as delivered and these changes make the platform
    more functional.
  • Customization to accommodate basic constituent data.  This would include establishing record types, custom objects and fields, pick lists unique to your org, etc.
  • Custom reporting – Generation of up to 12 custom reports,while simultaneously teaching your team how to generate their own reports.
  • Basic implementation of a common mass email tool such as Constant Contact, MailChimp or Campaign Monitor.
  • Basic implementation of EventBrite for event registration.
  • Basic implementation of Click & Pledge as a donation tool.
  • User training and documentation – generalized training is widely available on the Web.  This training is specific to your organization.

SFIn addition to providing an exceptional enterprise donor management CRM system that ensures a long-term strategic life cycle, 501Launchpad is designed to support your nonprofit organization as it grows beyond the core donor management and CRM functionality into custom add-ons, program support and connected applications and/or enhancements.

Our main focus is to help your organization deliver on its mission, whatever it may be. We designed the 501Launchpad to meet the needs of nonprofits, specifically, because we know that one size does not fit all. Our experience, both with our other nonprofit clients and our broad industry perspective, is that once basic needs are met, organizations are exceptionally creative with innovative ways to leverage the platform into other work flow processes. Once implemented, 501Launchpad is yours to define.

If the 501Launchpad sounds like something that your nonprofit needs, let us know. We are glad to schedule a call or meeting to discuss the best ways to leverage this tool at your organization.

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