Top 3 Reasons Why Salesforce Matters

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Top Reasons for Salesforce

The simplest questions are often the hardest. Why should you, as a nonprofit organization (or at least a member of), use Salesforce? Why should you care?

What are you in charge of?

(In charge of capturing information on your activities)
Salesforce saves you time! Listen, data input sucks. Really, there’s nothing less enjoyable that inputting information into a database. Simply put, Salesforce can help you capture the information that you need to track in less time than it would take you to put into a spreadsheet/Access/notebook/other system. That’s time you can then spend on the services that maximize your positive impact on your community.

(I manage a program that tracks outcome information over time)
Salesforce is the single best management tool you’ve ever come across! With Salesforce capturing program metrics, you can identify and replicate your program successes while simultaneously targeting your areas for improvement. You can achieve near real-time feedback on your staff’s activities and spend your time scaling your successes instead of running from crisis to crisis.

(I oversee several programs or an entire organization’s operations)
Salesforce provides consistency! No longer does each program talk different languages, use separate reporting structures, or exist in their own separate cocoon. Instead of evaluating each program on their own, you can now target opportunities for improvement across your entire organization instead of spending time making apples equal oranges.

There are few systems available to a nonprofit that are as robust as Salesforce. The future demands a 360-degree view of constituents, and rarely has there been a system that can provide just as much value to the front-line staff as it does to the executive management team.

Want some real-life examples? Start the ball rolling in our Case Studies section. Want to see it in action? Feel free to set up a demo here.

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