You answered:

We routinely put data into our database and rely on it for our daily work

Our assessment:

At this stage, you have stopped making a lot of process and data collection changes and can look at your technology as being more tightly tied to your work.

Most solutions at this stage have a high set-up cost – they are likely highly configurable. These cost will include time spent analyzing, making decisions about, and documenting our processes in relation to the system. Data integrity is sufficient to manage your org and you can consistently ask questions and get realistic, widely understood answers. This requires a higher degree of management than less mature phases.

If you were using Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or a homegrown database in an earlier phase of maturity, you can now use it across all of your programs and departments. If you haven’t already implemented an enterprise system, you’re now ready to take advantage of these powerful platforms. Data governance will now take on an important role and be administered by cross-departmental committee. Changes in processes or technology will potentially impact reports and decision making. Change management will become an important part of your governance strategy.

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