Custom Salesforce Consulting & Coaching for Nonprofits

501Partners cares about your success. We support the vital work nonprofits do in our communities.

Our mission is to build Salesforce solutions for nonprofits. Our expertise lies in understanding organizational needs common to nonprofit organizations. We focus on implementing solutions proven to lead adoption and self-sufficiency. In other words, we want organizations to succeed by using systems and processes that work for staff members, are embraced internally, and are affordable to maintain.

We are often told that our competitive advantage lies in our project methodology.

Specifically, we:

  • Learn your processes and workflow in great detail. We learn the context of each process, working together to balance the trade-offs of other solutions.
  • Complete iterative discovery and implementation. We continually discover nuances around workflows in your organization, while simultaneously teaching clients how each process works within Salesforce.
  • Have a bias towards simplicity. We focus on solutions that are easy to understand, replicate, and continue to function long after the project is finished. Whenever possible, we’ll use Salesforce NPSP-native features or make minimal customizations as opposed to writing custom, expensive-to-maintain code.
  • Have a high level of technical competence. Our talented team of Project Managers, Architects and Analysts provides you with the expertise to ensure your project is successful.
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Success Stories

We design solutions that work with your business processes, solve problems and create greater efficiencies, so that nonprofits can focus on the work that matters most — in your home communities. Since its inception, 501Partners has worked with over 300 nonprofit organizations, custom consulting specific examples are featured below. We will gladly offer references of satisfied clients in your nonprofit sector.

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund

May 15, 2019

Lovin’ Spoonfuls

January 29, 2019

Beverly Bootstraps

October 29, 2018