Protect Your Investment in Salesforce with Managed Support Services 

501Partners offers ongoing Salesforce administration and support. Your organization can contract for a weekly session with a dedicated 501Partner to assist with:

  • Ongoing reporting, statistics, and dashboard creation
  • Ongoing user support, training, and documentation
  • Support of apps and other integrations previously configured, such as email marketing, payment processors, document generators, FormAssembly, etc.
  • Creation of new fields in both native Salesforce and/or the 501CaseManager where appropriate
  • Creation and maintenance of basic Process Builder automations
  • Monitoring and applying best practices for data health and integrity

You’ll mutually agree upon an ongoing support schedule, allowing your 501Partner to maintain a deep understanding of your organization’s unique needs and Salesforce configurations. This ongoing training and support alleviates concerns about knowledge loss when employees move on, and allows for appropriate enhancements as your data needs evolve.

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