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By November 24, 2014 January 4th, 2022 501Partners News

A simple list of the things we’re truly thankful for as Turkey Day approaches:

  1. The NPSP Data Importer. We recently were introduced to this impressive tool by the Salesforce Foundation’s Marc Baizman. Currently, our consultant, Paul, is checking into all of the great features included in this data importer. Expect more information soon!
  2. Funny cat videos. Sometimes you just need to laugh. We are big fans of turning to YouTube for our fixes, and our go-to search is ‘funny cat videos.’ Here’s a sample of our favorites.
  3. Chocolate. The 501Partners office is partially fueled by chocolate. In what we call ‘The Fun Room,’ we have several varieties. Just like with Salesforce solutions, one size does not fit all, and expecting only Hershey’s to cut it for the diverse chocolate needs of our staff would just be wrong. (Note: This is also a stellar reason to become a Salesforce Academy participant.)
  4. Coffee. In addition to chocolate, coffee is THE fuel for all of 501Partners’ needs. We can always be counted on to have fresh coffee brewing. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, 2pm or late at night, it is essential that a pot of coffee is ready and waiting to be devoured by our lovely band of caffeine-aholics.
  5. Our Bootcampers & Academy participants. Salesforce Bootcamp and Salesforce Training Academy are two of our favorite things that we do here at 501Partners. Between the amazing people that we get to meet at each training and the wonderful amount of learning that goes on as a result, we are truly grateful to be able to run these programs.
  6. Salesforce. Of course we’re thankful for Salesforce, the platform upon which we base everything we do. Salesforce is such an efficient and powerful tool, and it makes life so much easier for us and for our clients…We can’t not be extremely grateful for it!
  7. Clients. Time to get serious: We LOVE our clients. Each and every one. The whole reason that we do what we do is to help the nonprofit sector make the world a better place for everyone. The fantastic group of nonprofit organizations that make up our client list are truly real-life superheroes. Without them, the Greater Boston area, the nation, and the world would all be lacking something amazing. Whether they are rounding up food for those in need, making sure that all children – no matter their background – have access to superior education, or something in between, our clients leave us in awe each and every day.
  8. Each other. Finally, we are grateful for each other. Here at 501Partners, everyone has a great deal of love and respect for one another, and we are able to combine our skill sets in ways that benefit our clients. All of us have the same philosophy of putting the client first and customizing all of our Salesforce solutions for the exact organization we are working with. And, possibly most important of all, we all know that a day without coffee is hardly a day at all.

Well, that’s our list. What are you thankful for? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

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