4 Reasons to love the new Click and Pledge Events App

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As consultants, we have to maintain a critical view of technologies and tools. It is the best way to ensure that we can provide unbiased and highest quality recommendations to our clients, who, deserve no less. But when a technology is moving in the right direction, we owe its owner a tip of the hat and give credit where credit is due.

After sitting in on a demo of upcoming changes to the Click and Pledge Event Management App, I can definitely say that it is a prime example of a technology that is moving in the right direction. Here are 4 reasons why the new Click and Pledge Event Management App is going to be AWESOME!

Click and Pledge

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  1. It’s going to make life easier for the Event Manager/Salesforce Admin: At the heart of it, many of the newest features/upgrades are about adding simplicity to a feature-rich platform. Here is one example of this -The current version of C&P Events has 3 dates connected to the event (Event Start Date, Event End Date and Event Publish Date). In addition to this, each ticket type can have its own Start and End Date. The number of different date combinations causes unwanted confusion and increased testing time for the Event Manager. The upcoming release will remove the “Event Publish Date”, reducing the complexity immensely while still maintaining the overall level of flexibility.
  2. Upgrades and Enhancements are based on feedback from customers: In the world of technology, often times systems are often built/upgraded and paying customers are expected to adapt. This is not the case with Click and Pledge. During the demo, the presenter regularly cited examples of upgrades and enhancements that were the direct result of customer feedback. So if you’re a nonprofit that uses C&P Events and have feedback, do not hesitate to express that on the Click and Pledge support forums. There’s a good chance that your request will be met!
  3. Regular App releases: With a couple of releases planned in the coming months and a major release scheduled for the end of the year (with a demo planned during Dreamforce), it’s obvious that the C&P Events team is working hard behind the scenes. Regular app releases means that your Event Management system is not going to go stale. It also means that bugs are being fixed and feedback is being reviewed and implemented.
  4. Added flexibility/Cool New Features: The complete list of features and upgrades are available on the release notes. Here are the ones that excited me the most:

Unlimited number of Event site pages for the same Event: Let’s say you are hosting a fundraising gala and want to set different ticket prices for your members vs the general public and you want members to signup from a different webpage than everyone else. With this new feature, you can create multiple websites for the same event. The websites can have different ticketing options, different messages and details and completely different designs. Even with this, all your tickets purchases and transactions will still tie to the same Campaign in Salesforce.

Discount Coupon (and Tracker Codes) can be included as part of the Event URL: This is a feature that has been available for a while in Eventbrite. It’s great to see that C&P Events is finally catching up. Instead of having to send a Coupon Code (membercode) and accompanying instructions separately from the Event Registration webpage (http://<myorg>.secure.force.com/<myeventsite>/CnP_Paas_EVT_EventRegistrationPage?eventid=<eventid>), you can now encode the Event URL with the Coupon Code (http://<myorg>.secure.force.com/<myeventsite>/CnP_Paas_EVT_EventRegistrationPage?eventid=<eventid>&CC=membercode). When the registrant clicks on this link the discounts connected to the coupon code will be automatically applied to the ticket purchase.
Similarly, you can encode the Tracker Code in the URL so get a sense of where your registrants are coming from. To learn more about Tracker Codes, click here.

Added flexibility with Registration Emails: The automated “Registration Emails” that go out to registrants and attendees will be going through a major overhaul. Going forward you will be able to draft different email responses for each ticket type. You will also have the option to send different emails responses based on the payment method. So if a registrant chooses to “Pay at the door” then they will receive a different confirmation email as compared to the registrant they pays via Credit Card.

All in all, there’s a lot to be excited about with the upcoming changes to the Click and Pledge Event Management App. Interested in installing Click and Pledge Events in your Salesforce instance? Just give us a holler.

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