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By November 17, 2014 January 4th, 2022 CRM & Salesforce

CampaignMonitor-Round-LogoHere at 501Partners, we receive a lot of questions about which mass marketing tools are best based on how they integrate with Salesforce. We’ve decided to take a quick look at the options, starting with Campaign Monitor, to give some insight on how we answer this question. All in all, it depends on which organization is asking the question, as everything we recommend is based on needs, wants, existing processes, users, and much more – all of which are unique to individual organizations. This post will simply be a brief overview to Campaign Monitor, but more information can be found here.

First of all, what is Campaign Monitor? Campaign Monitor is a very powerful mass mailing tool which integrates with Salesforce to give users a detailed look at their email marketing campaigns. Within Campaign Monitor, it is possible to create beautiful emails from a variety of templates and to keep track of everything that happens after you click send.

What makes Campaign Monitor a great option for nonprofits is its ability to accommodate the need for multiple email lists (say, one for each annual event, one for the weekly newsletter, one for donor acknowledgement, and so on…), the desire to know what is happening when each individual email gets to its destination, and the necessity of all of this information to sync flawlessly into the Salesforce instance attached to the organization.

Further, Campaign Monitor offers many ways for nonprofits to boost their audience. Whether you’re interested in having event attendees added to a list as they arrive via iPad or you feel that your organization needs to include options for people to subscribe themselves to certain lists, Campaign Monitor has the capacity to meet your needs. The tool also lets users unsubscribe from one list but not others, or to fully remove themselves from an organization’s list. However, there are several options around who gets access to these change-making privileges.

What’s even better than all of this exceptional functionality is the fact that Campaign Monitor has no less than 14 pricing options, which means that even organizations on a budget can make use of its robust features.

To take a deeper look into Campaign Monitor’s functionality, feel free to view our full report on the mailing tool which consolidates much of the information that can be found on Campaign Monitor’s website, as well as that of its connector, Beaufort12. Our document also provides our thoughts and notes on the installation and use.

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