First, Do No Harm: Does Your Salesforce Instance Need Preventative Care or Major Surgery?

By October 23, 2014 January 4th, 2022 CRM & Salesforce

What do Salesforce and the human body have in common? And why are we about to compare 501Partners to your primary care physician? The answer is simple: Implementing and maintaining a Salesforce instance at your nonprofit requires a lot of moving parts; kind of like maintaining your health requires multiple systems, organs and cells to organize and cooperate. What the human body does is amazing, and we think Salesforce is pretty amazing, too. Sometimes, though, such powerful tools are complex and require some explaining to understand their complexity. Kind of like that anatomy class we all had to take in high school.

If your nonprofit organization needs help understanding the productivity powerhouse that is Salesforce, 501Partners is here to help. Where most consultancies will jump right to the diagnosis of a serious illness within your Salesforce implementation or existing instance, we recognize the dangers in rushing to conclusions without taking the time to learn and understand what is really going on. Instead of prescribing a big, custom (and, often, costly) project to up your organization’s productivity, we’ll make sure that, if there is a lower-scale, easier fix, we try that first. In other words, we’ll check to see if Advil helps before we put you under for brain surgery.

At 501Partners, we recognize that each nonprofit has its own unique story, mission and history. We also recognize that, because of this, each nonprofit has its own needs and Salesforce solutions. Just like no two human bodies are the same, no two NPOs are identical, and neither are their Salesforce instances. So, if you need our help, you can rest assured that we will not just walk in and diagnose you with all sorts of ailments. Instead, we will take the time to get to know your organization, look systematically at what solutions you’re seeking, and prescribe as necessary. We won’t completely overhaul your system if your problem could be solved via a once-a-week formula in Salesforce. After all, you wouldn’t want your doctor amputating your whole leg because you sprained your ankle, would you?

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