Four Salesforce Mantras to Live By

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Now that spring has (almost) sprung in Boston, it’s time to look back at the first half of 2015! Have you stuck to any of those New Year’s resolutions you so faithfully made? Per usual, mine involved more exercise and perhaps some mediation in my daily routine. Unfortunately, I’ve come up a little short for my personal goals (hey, it’s only May), but luckily, here at 501Partners, we’re right on track. We’ve been flexing our Salesforce muscles in Bootcamp trainings and, as part of our Bootcamp 101 session, we’ve been focusing on a few Salesforce mantras to live by. So take a deep breath and repeat after me:

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  1. If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist: To truly make the most of the data going in to and out of Salesforce, it has to become THE place where all data resides. That secret workbook of volunteers you’re keeping on your desktop? That email your colleague sent with new donors contact information? This information is incredibly valuable to your organization, but until it is consolidated in one place, it is not as beneficial as it could be to your cause. Having all your data in one spot and having the ability to report out on this information is what makes Salesforce an incredibly powerful tool.
  2. Keep Data Current: Inaccurate data is useless data. If phone numbers have changed, if constituents have moved or if you are not accurately tracking attendees at your last event, you are missing out on valuable information. Inaccurate data results in missed opportunities whether that means potential donors or determining the venue for your next event based on previous attendance. Just as important as keeping data current is keeping data CONSISTENT. Current and consistent data results in output that is actionable.
  3. Always Search First: This is an easy to remember and just as easy to forget. There’s nothing worse than entering in new contacts only to find they already exist. Not only have you spent time on the task at hand, but you now have added additional work to remove duplicate data. Save yourself time, search first!
  4. People Entering Data Should be Properly Trained: A new summer intern? An eager volunteer? This can be an incredible asset to your team. However, your data is also an incredible asset to your organization. Make sure the person you give the keys to is well trained and understands your specific program. Back to keeping it consistent, make sure everyone has a clear understanding of how and why data is entered. The more your team sees the value of the data, the more likely they are to stick to the processes you outline.

These are just four of the many Salesforce mantras we live by daily. Do you have a Salesforce mantra you live by? Share it in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you. Want to learn more? Join us at an upcoming Bootcamp and you too can be on the path to Salesforce enlightenment.

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