Getting to Know Salesforce Files

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Salesforce Files is a Chatter feature that allows for document collaboration between team members in an easy, efficient way. As Salesforce itself says, Files “reinvents file sharing for the enterprise, placing documents, videos, or presentations into the center of sales, service, and marketing processes.” The feature is very handy because it automatically updates the file (in all its locations) with new versions when ever you replace it, but keeps track of older versions, too.

Files can appear on:

  • Account records
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Service cases
  • …and are available on the Salesforce1 mobile application.

Files get automatically added to your list when:

  • You upload one directly
  • You or someone else attaches a file to a Chatter feed
  • You sync a file in your Salesforce Sync folder
  • Someone shares a file privately with you
  • You upload a file to Salesforce’s CRM Content library
  • Someone else uploads a file and makes you a “member”
  • You or someone else creates a content pack or uploads a web link into the Content library
    • Note: You only see the Files you have access to.

There are some limits on Files:

  • File size – 2GB if uploaded via web; 500MB if uploaded via Salesforce Files desktop application; 100MB if uploaded via mobile
  • Max. # of versions per file – 2,048
  • Max. # of synced files/folders – 2,000
  • Max. # of users per file – 1,000 users can sync the same file at the same time
  • Amount of data 1 user can sync to their Files folder – 5GB
    • Note: You can then delete outdated files to make more room for new content.

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