MapAnything: Using Geo-Analytics to Boost Your Donations

MapAnywhereMapAnything is an incredibly powerful and robust geo-analytics tool available to Salesforce users. It’s a visual tool that is ideal for marketing and development, with clear applications for team and business management. While MapAnything wasn’t specifically designed for nonprofits, it’s a very translatable utility. We’re big fans, and we want to tell you why.

The number one reason we love this app is because you can pair geographic mapping tools with your Salesforce data and create a map of where your constituents and organizations are, and where your donations are coming from. It will help you identify clusters of large gift prospects (or donors, even better!), or look at where the highest concentration of donors live. You can capitalize on this data by holding an appreciation or fundraising event in that area. MapAnything can also streamline marketing efforts with targeted communication filters, or guide your event planning by considering prospect saturation. Outside of the office, MapAnything might assist you with planning a  route to your business meetings, while view real time traffic patterns to maximize your travel time.


Typical questions that MapAnything is able to answer, simply, by connecting with your Salesforce instance:

  • Our Executive Director is going to be in Los Angeles for 3 days. Who are our donors in that area that she could possibly meet with?
  • We want to invite every constituent  within a 50-mile radius of Boston to our special event. How many people are we inviting and who are they?
  • Where would a central location be to hold a conference for our constituents?
  • If we were to target 3 cities to visit, which ones have the highest concentration of donors?
  • We want to urge everyone within this U.S. Representative’s district to call about this proposition.

These are questions that, when clients asked in the past, we cringed because there was no simple way of reporting the answers, and if there was, it certainly wasn’t easy to swallow. MapAnything has saved us from encountering this problem in the future, and we’re eternally grateful!

And if you’re not convinced yet, give it a try! MapAnything is providing nonprofit organizations with a 50 percent discount ($15 per user/per month) on MapAnything licenses, and waiving the five license minimum. Find out more about MapAnything’s Nonprofit Program!

For more information, visit the MapAnything website. You can also watch this short demo to get a better idea of how MapAnything for Salesforce works. Another great MapAnything resource is this case study from Blue Star Families, a nonprofit using MapAnything to find and provide support to military families.

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