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If you use FormAssembly to manage your online forms, then you’ve probably noticed that it looks completely different. The new version, called “Gemini,” has been released to all current users. From our perspective, it is more of a user interface upgrade than a change to current functionality. One big plus is that FormAssembly has added a few new features around creating, filtering and editing reports. For those of you who live on your mobile device, you can now access your form settings and responses right from your phone.

If you use FormAssembly with Salesforce, you know it connects the information submitted through a form with your Salesforce account. FormAssembly adds submitted information into multiple types of records in Salesforce  – at once. It is a wonderful app for nonprofits that collect contact information online, with FormAssembly doing all the hard work behind the scenes. Nonprofits use FormAssembly to collect information through forms on potential and current volunteers, students, members, newsletter subscribers, and more.

FormAssembly reports these upgrades:

Look & Feel: FormAssembly has cleaned up and modernized the interface. It’s a fresh revamp that works well on your Retina and 4K screens.

Reports: Improvements in how you can create and edit reports. You can now drag and drop columns, filter results, and more.

Mobile Friendly: The Form Manager is now fully responsive. Access form settings and responses right on your phone or tablet.

It seems the main difference will be how it looks, but will still have the same functions (plus a few more). Form Assembly has written an explanatory article and released a video (on the same page) explaining how to navigate the new interface.

For example, the edit button is now the configure button, and your listing of forms looks different (see screen shot, below).

A new look for FormAssembly listings

A new look for FormAssembly listings

You should not lose ANY forms or data with the upgrade, and will enjoy new reporting functionality. If you are using the old version, and have chosen to keep the old interface for a while longer, the old interface will officially retire on March 1, 2016.

Another great resource is the FormAssembly website. FormAssembly has a live chat feature (click on the speech bubbles in the lower right corner), and has always been very responsive on chat.

Enjoy! Please feel free to reach out to any of our Salesforce consultants if you have any questions about the new upgrade.

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