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We recently spoke with one of our clients, Parenting Journey, to find out how Salesforce and 501Partners have served as a winning solution for their needs. Parenting Journey is a Somerville, MA-based non-profit with the mission of “helping parents build stronger families by developing the inner strengths, life skills, and networks of resources they need to succeed.” They have been a 501Partners client for the past eight months and aspects of the project have ranged from data migration to customized reporting.

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So what was the a-ha moment for Parenting Journey to try Salesforce and work with 501Partners? With 32 years supporting families, they found themselves with data in a variety of sources and only one or two employees who could access it to make decisions. With Access and Google Docs as just two of the sources of data, it was a frustrating experience for the staff. Noel Twigg, Director of Partnerships, says, “This caused a lot of confusion among staff and resulted in a lot of lost historical information. It was pretty obvious that a solution needed to be found ASAP. In addition, we are in an expansion phase and replicating our program on a larger scale nationwide. A centralized database is critical for growth.” They recognized the need for Salesforce as a solution, but also realized they would need advanced customization to make Salesforce an effective tool. “The process needed to be customized and it was something we could not do ourselves. We needed help” says Danielle Stehlik, Marketing & Operations Manager.

501Partners has worked with Parenting Journey on data migration and customized reporting to help them easily analyze their key metrics. As Danielle says, “We struggled with data migration and 501Partners has really helped create reports that are usable.” Noel agreed and added, “Improved reporting means that everyone is on the same page and can quickly find out the status of our current projects and groups. It makes it much easier to analyze graduation rates, attendance rates, see who’s signed up for a class or training and more.”

Now, instead of having only a few employees with access, everyone can see the data- it’s clear, accurate and usable. This has made for increased transparency across the organization- a win-win all around!

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