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By October 15, 2014 January 4th, 2022 CRM & Salesforce

Each and ehaymakers for hopevery one of our clients has a unique, inspiring story and mission. We know that these nonprofits are working hard to make the world a better place, that’s why we have decided to feature them here on our blog. This week, in the wake of our extremely exciting time at Belles of the Brawl, we’re featuring Haymakers for Hope. Haymakers for Hope is a wonderful organization whose mission is to raise money and awareness for cancer research. How do they do it? Boxing! Through multiple charity boxing events each year, Haymakers for Hope donates money to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in order to knockout cancer.

The event that some 501Partners staff attended on October 2 was Belles of the Brawl. This was a night of boxing matches between women who volunteered to train professionally for four months before fighting in their first amateur boxing match. Each woman, upon their commitment, was paired with a gym in Boston and given intense training for four months. The women raised money via sponsorship for their fight and pledges from their communities. At the October 2nd event, there were several matches between pairs of women whose entire Haymakers for Hope experience culminated into their first ever USA Boxing fight. Over 1,000 people were in attendance at Royale Boston as these brave women fo10615346_800259210036375_7602285599662484656_nught to knockout cancer; while real cancer survivors served as ring girls, indicating the rounds between bells. Belles of the Brawl Boston raised over $150,000 for cancer research between ticket sales and the funds raised by fighters.

Belles of the Brawl is only one of Haymakers for Hope’s charity boxing events. They have several others, all of which feature male fighters, too. Just like with Belles of the Brawl, these other events feature ordinary people who are not, by any means, professional boxers. They receive the same training and fighting opportunities. The Haymakers for Hope website describes boxing as the perfect way to test your physical and mental abilities, while making a difference. Not only do fighters get to raise thousands for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, they often reap other physical benefits such as weight loss, muscle building and toning, as well as the lifetime bond that is created between fighters and their coaches and fighters and their cohorts.

Haymakers for Hope sought out 501Partners in the form of our Salesforce Training Academy for Nonprofits. This class meets once a week in three-hour sessions for five weeks, and teaches Salesforce basics to nonprofits who are looking to implement the tool. Haymakers for Hope sent David, their ‘cut man,’ to the class to learn how to track the organization’s fighters, plan their events, keep statistics, manage donations, and more – all within the Salesforce database! To learn more about Haymakers for Hope and to read their story, visit them here. To see their upcoming events, check here!

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