Here’s One Big Way to Manage Your Food Tracking

By December 8, 2014 January 4th, 2022 Our Services
Are you a nonprofit whose mission is centered around food? Is making sure that food doesn’t go to waste and, perhaps more importantly, that it gets to those who need it at the center of your organization’s cause? Do you sometimes dream of managing that food in an intuitive and effective way? We’re here to help! We developed our Food Tracker application for Salesforce for this specific reason. It is a no-frills, completely easy way to keep track of the amount of food coming into your organization, and of the amount leaving it.

The Food Tracker was born out of a necessity. Our client, Food for Free, was looking to migrate from a completely paper tracking system to something far more efficient. What we realized, though, was that efficient didn’t have to mean advanced, and we strove to make the app as easy to use as possible. We also developed it specifically for Salesforce, so we had an eye on ease of integration throughout the process, as well.

One of our favorite things about this app is the real-time roll up into Salesforce. That means: when you enter 100 pounds of golden Yukon potatoes from Whole Foods into Food Tracker on your tablet, those 100 pounds of golden Yukon potatoes are immediately┬ávisible to your coworker – who happens to be working on the moon that day – as soon as you hit ‘Save.’

If our Food Tracker application sounds like it might be a positive addition to your organization, you should drop us a line. We strive to make the lives of nonprofit staff easier every single day, we’re glad to help. If you’re not quite sold, check out this video, which features Food for Free, to learn more!


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