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Meeting Your Mission & Ours: Introducing Bootcamp PLUS Trainings

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Like all of our clients, 501Partners is a mission-driven organization. We do the work we do because we want to support the vital services that nonprofits perform. And how do we do this? 501Partners provides nonprofits with tools to track outcomes and plan for the future in an informed way.

Salesforce is our primary tool of choice to help accomplish this goal. For the last four years we have had the privilege of working with over 165 organizations, all with diverse missions. Whether it be job readiness, eliminating the achievement gap, disability rights, promoting citizenship, health services access, or homelessness prevention and legal reform — we believe Salesforce is the most powerful and flexible data tool available that will meet your nonprofit’s data needs.

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Here’s One Big Way to Manage Your Food Tracking

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Are you a nonprofit whose mission is centered around food? Is making sure that food doesn’t go to waste and, perhaps more importantly, that it gets to those who need it at the center of your organization’s cause? Do you sometimes dream of managing that food in an intuitive and effective way? We’re here to help! We developed our Food Tracker application for Salesforce for this specific reason. It is a no-frills, completely easy way to keep track of the amount of food coming into your organization, and of the amount leaving it.

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What is the 501Launchpad?

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We use the term pretty often in our offices: 501Launchpad. We introduce it to our clients when we begin Salesforce implementation at their organizations. Now, we want to outline 501Launchpad to those of you who might not already know what it is. 501Partners takes pride in our project methodology. Simply put, our goal is your mission. Rather than simply implementing Salesforce at an organization and exiting the engagement immediately afterward, 501Partners strives to be your long-term partner in data management, while also building an internal competence in Salesforce at your nonprofit. We understand that a key component of this is customizing Salesforce to your organization’s unique needs.

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The Free Puppy Problem (AKA – Why Custom Consulting Works)

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Is better data management on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Does your organization get overwhelmed when it’s time to crunch numbers and deliver annual reports? 501Partners has you covered. With the help of Salesforce and our custom consulting solutions, data collection and reporting can be a breeze. There are 22,000 nonprofits already using Salesforce for these reasons, and why shouldn’t you join them? Salesforce offers ten free licenses to NPOs and comes with the Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0, a powerful set of tools for data management.

But the ten free licenses are kind of like ten free puppies.

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Why Salesforce Support Subscription?

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This week, we wanted to feature one of our lesser known services, the Salesforce Support Subscription. Just as it sounds, this subscription is offered to any nonprofit that is interested simply in on-demand Salesforce help. We developed the Salesforce Support Subscription because, while many consultants will implement a project and move on, 501Partners recognizes that organizations often need an ongoing relationship with their consultancy in order to continue Salesforce success beyond the initial project. When your organization enrolls in the Support Subscription, you are ensuring that there is always access to a dedicated, on-demand Salesforce solution.

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Salesforce non-profit bootcamp

Why Salesforce Bootcamp for Nonprofits?

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Our Salesforce Bootcamp Training for Nonprofits is a 1-day training session that teaches attendees the basics of Salesforce and the Nonprofit Stater Pack. Whether you’re already familiar with Salesforce and are seeking a simple brush-up on your skills, or you have never stepped a virtual foot into the cloud-based platform, our Salesforce Bootcamp will work for you! By the end of the day, you will have learned how to create and manage organizational contacts, record and credit donations, launch campaigns, generate reports, create dashboards for daily “at-a-glance” numbers, and to customize records. If any of those topics sound like things you’d be interested in learning, Bootcamp is your answer!

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Why Nonprofits Love Our Salesforce Training Academy

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salesforceSince kindergarten, any learning environment you’ve been a part of has likely been full of your peers. From elementary school through high school, to college, workshops, conferences and beyond, learning is best done in groups. Research shows that, when you have someone who thinks similarly to you with whom you can discuss and contextualize ideas, you are far more likely to retain them. That’s why our Salesforce Training Academy for Nonprofits brings you together with your peers from the nonprofit sector for the duration of the five-week session. With other nonprofit professionals, you are able to give and gain feedback, consider concepts in new and different ways, and to form a camaraderie around the learning of Salesforce. Here are a few more reasons why nonprofits love our Salesforce Training Academy:

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Salesforce Demo for Nonprofits

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Thank you for your interest in our Salesforce Demo Webinar! This webinar is intended to give you a basic understanding of Salesforce and its capabilities. This Salesforce Demo is narrated by Stefanie Archer, our Director of Training and Support. Stefanie is a Certified Salesforce Administrator.

Simply enter your name and email into the provided space to gain access to this video.

Salesforce non-profit bootcamp

Salesforce For Nonprofits: Why NPO’s Love Our Bootcamp

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Mobilizing Salesforce for nonprofits is what we do at 501Partners. We’re lucky to have served some great nonprofits through our Bootcamp series, one of our most popular offerings. With this intensive one day training, nonprofits who are relatively new to Salesforce can learn all they need to get started on this powerful platform. By the end of Bootcamp, you will have learned how to create and manage organizational contacts, record and credit donations, launch campaigns, generate reports, create dashboards and customize records.

Is Salesforce Bootcamp right for you? Many of our clients think so! “Salesforce is intimidating, and we have no staff to work on it,” says Sarah Shampnois of Company One. “But I have to say that after the training, I feel confident now that this is something I can take off of my boss’s plate and really own!” You can also learn about Bridges Together and Andrea Weaver’s experience with us at our Bootcamp in the following video. For more information about our upcoming Bootcamps, click here.

We hope you’ll consider signing up for one of our Salesforce Bootcamps, or one of our other Salesforce training opportunities. See all of them here to learn which might be right for your organization.


Is live hands-on training passé?

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Given the huge amounts of video and webinar training available on the Internet, having a live instructor in a classroom is the exception to the norm. So when is it worth the time to leave work and sit in a classroom all day?

501Partners recently ran a Salesforce for Nonprofits Boot Camp session for fourteen nonprofit professionals. They came from a spectrum of agencies with a breadth of uses for the Salesforce platform. They took time to attend because integrating Salesforce into their organization is a vitally important decision. It’s also a process that requires an understanding of how the underlying structure of Salesforce creates a powerful engine to manage virtually all of their data across its entire life cycle.

TrainingSo, it’s worthwhile to invest time in classroom training when:

  • The subject matter addresses a wide spectrum of topics and processes
  • The subject matter allows a variety of approaches
  • The cost of pursuing incorrect approaches has far reaching implications
  • Understanding the complexities involved can be accelerated in a sandbox environment.
  • A concentrated, focused time frame creates more learning than disparate, short videos and webinars

While a classroom environment can’t be leveraged efficiently from the producer’s standpoint, the fact that people responded to the offer shows an ongoing demand for this type of learning. 501Partners will continue to offer the Boot Camp while refining the balance between our on-line learning resources and hands-on classroom teaching.

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