Salesforce For Nonprofits: Why NPO’s Love Our Bootcamp

By January 22, 2014 January 4th, 2022 CRM & Salesforce, Our Services
Salesforce non-profit bootcamp

Mobilizing Salesforce for nonprofits is what we do at 501Partners. We’re lucky to have served some great nonprofits through our Bootcamp series, one of our most popular offerings. With this intensive one day training, nonprofits who are relatively new to Salesforce can learn all they need to get started on this powerful platform. By the end of Bootcamp, you will have learned how to create and manage organizational contacts, record and credit donations, launch campaigns, generate reports, create dashboards and customize records.

Is Salesforce Bootcamp right for you? Many of our clients think so! “Salesforce is intimidating, and we have no staff to work on it,” says Sarah Shampnois of Company One. “But I have to say that after the training, I feel confident now that this is something I can take off of my boss’s plate and really own!” You can also learn about Bridges Together and Andrea Weaver’s experience with us at our Bootcamp in the following video. For more information about our upcoming Bootcamps, click here.

We hope you’ll consider signing up for one of our Salesforce Bootcamps, or one of our other Salesforce training opportunities. See all of them here to learn which might be right for your organization.


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