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December 2013

Investing in Nonprofit CEOs

By | Good Governance, Nonprofit Management

CEO image“How do you up your game as CEO?” Some years ago, a CEO Coach asked me this question and I really didn’t have an adequate answer.

I read bunches of books on leadership and management, but I didn’t really have a structured approach for improving my performance as leader of an organization.

Fortunately, the company where I worked could afford to hire a Coach for me. Over the next five years, she would come in once a month to teach me better CEO skills and work “on” the business. This created a powerful impact on the organization and we were able to successfully navigate huge disruptions in our industry.

As I’ve become immersed with nonprofits, I consistently wonder what ED’s and CEO’s are doing to “up their game”. I’ve spoken with leaders who have engaged in executive peer groups, but most of them are relatively unstructured, or the cohort of peers doesn’t “get” nonprofits.

Others would like to hire an Executive Coach, but almost universally, there isn’t money to fund this.

When you think about the impact of great leadership in the nonprofit community, it seems like investing in their constant improvement should be a priority.

So the question is – How do you “up your game” in nonprofit leadership?

5 Dreamforce videos worth watching

By | CRM & Salesforce

df-logoDreamforce videos are live! And there are hundreds of them on the Dreamforce Youtube channel. I’ve gone through some of them and come up with 5 must watch videos for all levels of Salesforce admins.

Basic Training:

Hands-on Training: Get Started with the Nonprofit Starter Pack

Clean Data is Happy Data

Advanced Training:

Salesforce Magic for the Everyday Admin

Dashboards For Smarties: Creating Highly Effective Dashboards

Formula Ninjas

If you have a request for specific video content, list it in the comments below and I’ll look for it the next time I’m surfing the Dreamforce channel.