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February 2014

data practices - spreadsheet

3 Principles to legitimize your Data Practices

By | CRM & Salesforce, Data Management, Information Technology, Nonprofit Management
data practices - spreadsheet

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Have you ever wondered why your staff is using Excel spreadsheets and Google Docs to track data when you have a perfectly good central database for that purpose?

We see this problem over and over. If data is warehoused in disparate files, its value is seriously diminished. Plus, overall efficiency suffers whenever you actually try to use the data

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Why Middle School Math, It Turns Out, Is Actually Useful. Who knew?

By | Data Management

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I, as any passing conversation with either my mother or any of my childhood math teachers will quickly reveal, hate math. I spent the entirety of my childhood doodling, sleeping, daydreaming, and anything else that I could during anything that had even a passing resemblance to arithmetic. In a blaze of teenage stereotype, I reasoned that the only math I would ever truly need to know was how to add two paychecks together.

Turns out it isn’t quite that easy. Now I spend my days helping nonprofit organizations analyze and use their data effectively, with math.

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