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npsp nonprofit starter pack from salesforce

What is the NPSP Again???

By | CRM & Salesforce

When we talk about the NPSP, what do we mean? It’s a common acronym in the Dictionary of Salesforce, but is it so common outside of that context? We’re not sure it is. That’s why we’re here today to tell you exactly what is meant when we refer to your organization’s NPSP, or Nonprofit Starter Pack.

Salesforce designed the NPSP knowing that its most common features were useful to nonprofits, but maybe needed a little bit of tweaking to be considered efficient and effective. Working on top of the Salesforce Enterprise Edition, the Nonprofit Starter Pack helps organizations manage donors, donor memberships and affiliations. It also allows for the creation of Household accounts and household giving, and incorporates recurring payments and gifts.

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the importance of volunteering

The Importance of Volunteering

By | 501Partners News

Last Friday, Bill and I had the opportunity to volunteer at Community Servings, one of our wonderful clients who are working hard to make sure that chronically ill people get nutritious, balanced meals. Not only that, but Community Servings makes sure that their caregivers and family members get these delicious meals, as well. You can learn more about these Real Life Heroes here.

On Friday, Bill and I spent our shift in the kitchen, preparing the meals for distribution. Never the culinary expert, there was a slight learning curve for me when I was asked to expertly chop cucumbers and to make a carrot/cranberry salad. However, the head chefs were very helpful and kept things lighthearted and fun. A Top 40 radio station played us some holiday classics in between a rotation of Taylor Swift and Beyonce – it was a great time for a great cause.

In honor of the holiday spirit, and inspired by our trip to Community Servings, here are five reasons why volunteering is such an important thing to do, and why you should sign up for a shift the next chance you have:

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mass emailers for salesforce

Which Mass-Emailer is Right for My Org?

By | Nonprofit Resources

We often get questions about which apps are best for nonprofit organizations. There are several things to take into consideration when answering this question, the most important being the fact that there isn’t just one solution for every nonprofit in the world. Different organizations need different things, and sometimes only a side by side rundown can yield a correct answer. Often though, it takes a side by side rundown and a detailed discussion to come to the right conclusion. So, here is your side by side comparison, and you can always contact us here to have a detailed discussion about the exact solutions you’re looking for.

Features Campaign Monitor Constant Contact MailChimp
Templates x x x
Customization x x x
List Building x x x
Tracking x x x
Automation x x PAID
Startup Costs
Monthly $7.65 to $594.15 per month, dependent on # of contacts/emails $15 to $85+ per month, dependent on # of emails; nonprofit discount available when you contact C.C. FREE to $150 or higher, dependent on # of contacts/emails
Extras $4 to $50 per month for sendIT, the required connector, dependent on # of emails
Support Online Online, Phone Online

Helpful links for pricing scales:

So, there you have it. While we certainly hope this matrix is helpful to you, we’d love to speak more about which is truly the best option for your organization. Don’t forget to drop us a line if you have any questions!

Real Life Heroes: The Possible Project

By | Client Spotlight


If you’re in need of a last minute Christmas gift, The Possible Project has you covered.

A center for youth entrepreneurship, The Possible Project is hosting its final student marketplace of 2014 THIS Friday, December 19 from 5-7pm at Cambridge College. This holiday-themed fair will feature products from over 20 student businesses from all levels of the program. Such products range from homemade ties to homemade beauty products.

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Here’s One Big Way to Manage Your Food Tracking

By | Our Services
Are you a nonprofit whose mission is centered around food? Is making sure that food doesn’t go to waste and, perhaps more importantly, that it gets to those who need it at the center of your organization’s cause? Do you sometimes dream of managing that food in an intuitive and effective way? We’re here to help! We developed our Food Tracker application for Salesforce for this specific reason. It is a no-frills, completely easy way to keep track of the amount of food coming into your organization, and of the amount leaving it.

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What is the 501Launchpad?

By | Our Services

We use the term pretty often in our offices: 501Launchpad. We introduce it to our clients when we begin Salesforce implementation at their organizations. Now, we want to outline 501Launchpad to those of you who might not already know what it is. 501Partners takes pride in our project methodology. Simply put, our goal is your mission. Rather than simply implementing Salesforce at an organization and exiting the engagement immediately afterward, 501Partners strives to be your long-term partner in data management, while also building an internal competence in Salesforce at your nonprofit. We understand that a key component of this is customizing Salesforce to your organization’s unique needs.

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