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November 2015

9 Salesforce Terms Every Nonprofit Needs To Know

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9 Salesforce Terms Every Nonprofit Needs To Know from 501PartnersThink of Salesforce as its own country, and these nine terms and ideas as the first words or phrases you need to get around. With these key phrases, you’re on the road to nonprofit Salesforce fluency: tracking constituents, segmenting them, grouping them, understanding their relationships with you, and customizing them into a working database for your needs.

If you want to speak Salesforce, and understand how to apply it to a nonprofit organization, begin your journey here:

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What Nonprofits Should Know About Salesforce Lightning

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We often tease that Salesforce excels in functionality, not beauty. The Salesforce interface has had a 1990s look since…the 1990s, but it’s finally been gifted with a massive facelift! Salesforce Lightning is a modern, future-forward look that is streamlined, mobile friendly, and intuitive. More user friendly than ever before, the Lightning Winter ‘16 release reminds me of the current mobile experience, Salesforce1. While there are some functionality upgrades, Lightning at its core is a cosmetic upgrade. Not that we’re complaining at 501Partners.

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