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May 2015

Salesforce Tip: How to Enter Matching Grants

By | Donor Tracking and Management

Many employers offer matching grants to supplement the donations made by their employees.  Your non-profit organization may want to track these grants separately and report on them to ensure that the original donor is getting proper credit for the full amount that he or she is responsible for.  Salesforce includes a method for distinguishing matching gifts from conventional ones.

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Working with Federal Poverty Guidelines in Salesforce (part 2 of 2)

By | CRM & Salesforce, Data Management, Salesforce News and App Reviews

In Part 1, we focused on providing an overview of the Federal Poverty Guidelines package for Salesforce, and how to install and use it.  In this part, we’re going much more technical, including instructions on how to “DIY” a solution if you’re not using the NPSP3 with Households.

This section is much more of a video tutorial, and below the videos are all of the components you’ll need to get started. Don’t worry – we’ll explain it all to you and we’ve saved you the trouble of typing it out.

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Salesforce for Your Nonprofit? 7 Things to Consider

By | CRM & Salesforce

Tens of thousands of nonprofits of all sizes are making the switch to Salesforce, for very good reason.  For our small and midsized clients, the price and flexibility simply can’t be beat.  The Salesforce Foundation provides a grant to ensure that your first 10 licenses are free, and subsequent licenses are available at very affordable prices.  The creators of the Nonprofit Starter Pack (also free to use) have thought through the majority of what any nonprofit needs to use Salesforce as a development and fundraising platform, and dozens of companies make integrated online fundraising a possibility.  Thousands of firms provide software to enhance and extend your Salesforce experience, and thousands more consulting firms can help you make the most of the system.

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App Review: AAKonsult Campaign Status

By | Attendance Tracking, Event Management, Salesforce News and App Reviews, Volunteer Management

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 5.41.33 PMCampaigns are a super useful tool in Salesforce, especially for nonprofit organizations looking to track their marketing and fundraising efforts, attendance to events or even programmatic offerings. However, creating and using a campaign is just the beginning.

The whole point of creating a campaign is to track its impact and how do we do that? With tracking its Campaign Members and Campaign Member Responses! Standardizing Campaign Member Status’s or responses is key to consistently measuring the impact of the types of campaigns you hold.

But did you ever notice that there are only two default Campaign Member Status values available to you?

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Four Salesforce Mantras to Live By

By | Data Management, Operations and Development

Now that spring has (almost) sprung in Boston, it’s time to look back at the first half of 2015! Have you stuck to any of those New Year’s resolutions you so faithfully made? Per usual, mine involved more exercise and perhaps some mediation in my daily routine. Unfortunately, I’ve come up a little short for my personal goals (hey, it’s only May), but luckily, here at 501Partners, we’re right on track. We’ve been flexing our Salesforce muscles in Bootcamp trainings and, as part of our Bootcamp 101 session, we’ve been focusing on a few Salesforce mantras to live by. So take a deep breath and repeat after me:

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