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Pitfalls and Best Practices: How to Keep Your Salesforce Project From Being Doomed

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Participants from our popular Salesforce Bootcamp for Nonprofits trainings will be familiar with an exercise we run called “Pitfalls and Best Practices.” In this exercise, we hand out sheets of paper to every participant, each piece with a different scenario on it. The students then must interpret the situation and use an anecdote to illustrate why it is or isn’t a good thing. We will often pass on particularly noteworthy stories at other Bootcamps, with names redacted of course!

A selection of these “Pitfalls and Best Practices” are offered below. So, you can either give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, or shudder at the mistakes you have made (or maybe just barely avoided).

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Why Salesforce for Your Nonprofit?

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salesforceAt the core of your nonprofit’s CRM selection is a question: Which service is going to be the most beneficial for our organization and our clients? Chances are, someone within your nonprofit is familiar with Salesforce. At the very least, they are aware of its existence and its position as the leader in CRM services for nonprofits. Salesforce is likely to be the first service that you research. The question does not become “which CRM service?” but rather “why Salesforce?”  From the vast features of the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) to the fact that Salesforce is free to nonprofits, let us explain why this cloud-based service is the best for your nonprofit organization.

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Welcome to 501 Partners

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501_logoWelcome to 501Partners’ new blog posts.  In the future, we’ll be talking about a number of topics including:  nonprofits, information technology, constituent relationship management systems, cloud computing, bookkeeping and finance, fundraising and social media.  All of these subject will be covered in the context of how nonprofits can improve their operations and effectiveness.

If you have any ideas for future topics, we’d be happy to receive them.

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