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Video Testimonial: Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund

By | CRM & Salesforce

The Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund awards qualified students with renewable academic scholarships. To qualify for these awards, students must demonstrate financial need, academic achievement and a commitment to community service. The Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund sought out 501Partners to help implement a more effective Salesforce strategy for managing their student applications. Throughout our engagement with the Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund, we simplified their processes with our Applicant Manager app and helped them use Salesforce to maximize the efficiency of their database.

Video Testimonial: United Planet

By | CRM & Salesforce

United Planet is an organization whose mission is to “create a world in which all people understand, respect and support one another.” One of United Planet’s most popular programs sends volunteers abroad to over 35 countries for anywhere from one week to one year. As part of our engagement with United Planet, we helped them implement Salesforce from the beginning, while training their staff to be proficient in the tool. We are involved in a “phase two” with United Planet that will help them grow and improve their organization via their Salesforce instance.