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November 2014


What’s the Best Way to Get Event Data Into Salesforce?

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If you’re involved with a nonprofit organization in any way, you know that event management is one of the key day-to-day processes. There absolutely has to be an efficient and uniform way to contextualize and manage the data that is inevitably attached to whatever event you are putting on. For our clients, they need a way to get this data into Salesforce in a seamless and accurate way, and they often need it to happen with few manual steps.

There are dozens of ways to push this data to Salesforce and, in general, they depend on the technical sophistication of the organization. When weighing these options, there are a few questions that must be asked, whether by the organization itself or by an outside consultant like 501Partners. First, does the organization have a technical staff? Do they outsource? The two technical constraints that need to be understood by both the organization itself and any outside consultants are the budget and the internal capacity for maintenance. Without knowing these factors, it is hard to make a recommendation.

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Salesforce non-profit bootcamp

Why Salesforce Bootcamp for Nonprofits?

By | Our Services

Our Salesforce Bootcamp Training for Nonprofits is a 1-day training session that teaches attendees the basics of Salesforce and the Nonprofit Stater Pack. Whether you’re already familiar with Salesforce and are seeking a simple brush-up on your skills, or you have never stepped a virtual foot into the cloud-based platform, our Salesforce Bootcamp will work for you! By the end of the day, you will have learned how to create and manage organizational contacts, record and credit donations, launch campaigns, generate reports, create dashboards for daily “at-a-glance” numbers, and to customize records. If any of those topics sound like things you’d be interested in learning, Bootcamp is your answer!

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