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Automating Membership Renewals with MACDC

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Solving a Common Nonprofit Pain Point with Salesforce

Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (MACDC) is a statewide association that supports the work of their 88 members through advocacy, capacity building trainings, technical assistance, and work that strengthens the entire sector. MACDC takes on an ambitious amount of work for a relatively lean staff. 501Partners worked with MACDC to implement Salesforce and automate membership renewals to give staff more time to focus on impact.

Prior to working with 501Partners, MACDC prepared membership renewal notices manually and sent them through the mail. Preparing these mailings was laborious and time intensive, as was tracking who had paid/not paid and sending out reminder invoices.

We helped MACDC create a solution using the automations of Salesforce, augmented with two additional apps: FormAssembly and WebMerge. FormAssembly is an online form tool that can bring information directly into Salesforce with its sophisticated integration.  WebMerge is a mail-merging tool that can be used to pull Salesforce data into any kind of format—PDF, Word Document, Excel, PPT, etc.

The Result:  MACDC now uses Salesforce to quickly send invoices, reminders, and easily report on what dues are collected and what renewals are still pending.

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New Upgrade To FormAssembly

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Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.54.08 AM

If you use FormAssembly to manage your online forms, then you’ve probably noticed that it looks completely different. The new version, called “Gemini,” has been released to all current users. From our perspective, it is more of a user interface upgrade than a change to current functionality. One big plus is that FormAssembly has added a few new features around creating, filtering and editing reports. For those of you who live on your mobile device, you can now access your form settings and responses right from your phone.

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What’s the Best Way to Get Event Data Into Salesforce?

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If you’re involved with a nonprofit organization in any way, you know that event management is one of the key day-to-day processes. There absolutely has to be an efficient and uniform way to contextualize and manage the data that is inevitably attached to whatever event you are putting on. For our clients, they need a way to get this data into Salesforce in a seamless and accurate way, and they often need it to happen with few manual steps.

There are dozens of ways to push this data to Salesforce and, in general, they depend on the technical sophistication of the organization. When weighing these options, there are a few questions that must be asked, whether by the organization itself or by an outside consultant like 501Partners. First, does the organization have a technical staff? Do they outsource? The two technical constraints that need to be understood by both the organization itself and any outside consultants are the budget and the internal capacity for maintenance. Without knowing these factors, it is hard to make a recommendation.

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