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Meeting Your Mission & Ours: Introducing Bootcamp PLUS Trainings

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Like all of our clients, 501Partners is a mission-driven organization. We do the work we do because we want to support the vital services that nonprofits perform. And how do we do this? 501Partners provides nonprofits with tools to track outcomes and plan for the future in an informed way.

Salesforce is our primary tool of choice to help accomplish this goal. For the last four years we have had the privilege of working with over 165 organizations, all with diverse missions. Whether it be job readiness, eliminating the achievement gap, disability rights, promoting citizenship, health services access, or homelessness prevention and legal reform — we believe Salesforce is the most powerful and flexible data tool available that will meet your nonprofit’s data needs.

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Real Life Heroes: Community Servings

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community servings hunger relief nonprofitsLast week, as part of the lead up to Thanksgiving, we published a blog post about Food for Free, a nonprofit working to rescue wasted food and distribute it to the Emergency Food System. This week, we’re still in the same spirit, and we’ve decided to highlight another hunger relief organization, Community Servings. Community Servings works to bring food to those who are living with critical and chronic illnesses, as well as their dependents and caregivers. Not only are the volunteers and staff at Community Servings concerned with feeding their constituents, they are also concerned with making sure that each meal is nutritious and culturally appropriate.

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Real Life Heroes: Food For Free

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a7692356-0321-4450-aba6-5c9595ca5c54In light of the fact that Thanksgiving is two weeks from today, we’ve decided to spotlight one of our clients who are doing amazing things with food. That client is Food for Free, an organization that rescues fresh food that, without being rescued, might have gone to waste, and delivers it to the local emergency food system. Pretty amazing, right?

Food for Free’s director, Sasha Purpura, explains Food for Free’s mission as this: “We take this problem that is food waste, and we turn it into a solution.” 501Partners worked with Food for Free to implement an in-vehicle Food Tracker, which is an app that integrates with Salesforce and allows the organization to keep track of the food they are receiving and distributing all on tablets in their trucks.

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First, Do No Harm: Does Your Salesforce Instance Need Preventative Care or Major Surgery?

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What do Salesforce and the human body have in common? And why are we about to compare 501Partners to your primary care physician? The answer is simple: Implementing and maintaining a Salesforce instance at your nonprofit requires a lot of moving parts; kind of like maintaining your health requires multiple systems, organs and cells to organize and cooperate. What the human body does is amazing, and we think Salesforce is pretty amazing, too. Sometimes, though, such powerful tools are complex and require some explaining to understand their complexity. Kind of like that anatomy class we all had to take in high school.

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Video Testimonial: United Planet

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United Planet is an organization whose mission is to “create a world in which all people understand, respect and support one another.” One of United Planet’s most popular programs sends volunteers abroad to over 35 countries for anywhere from one week to one year. As part of our engagement with United Planet, we helped them implement Salesforce from the beginning, while training their staff to be proficient in the tool. We are involved in a “phase two” with United Planet that will help them grow and improve their organization via their Salesforce instance.

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Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas: Harnessing Social Media With Salesforce

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fundraising ideasA study by SurveyMonkey made headlines last week when it revealed that social media users are far more generous than we might think. The survey, which polled around 1,000 adult users who identified their social media habits as ‘regular,’ yielded some very useful insights for nonprofits, including which social networks are the most effective for implementing fundraising ideas. In particular, LinkedIn users were found to be the most charitable, having given, on average, more than $100 and more than ten hours to various causes in the past year. What’s interesting, though, is that less than 1% of these same users find LinkedIn to be useful for finding out about charitable causes and events. When it comes to brainstorming fundraising ideas for your nonprofit, don’t underestimate the power of social media; further, don’t neglect to research which networks will work the best for your campaign. Though these tasks can seem daunting, they’re important, and Salesforce understands that. Here are a few handy ways to harness social media with Salesforce and to really propel your online fundraising.  Read More

Salesforce Demo for Nonprofits

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Thank you for your interest in our Salesforce Demo Webinar! This webinar is intended to give you a basic understanding of Salesforce and its capabilities. This Salesforce Demo is narrated by Stefanie Archer, our Director of Training and Support. Stefanie is a Certified Salesforce Administrator.

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