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Managing Grants In Salesforce is A Snap with Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0

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Salesforce just made grants management a whole lot easier. Salesforce.org (formerly the Salesforce Foundation) has added grants management fields to the most recent edition of the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP), enabling greater efficiency of time and effort for managing your external grants. If you are a nonprofit or foundation, this is exciting news for your development director!

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Salesforce Tip: Email Many Contacts at Once

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Have you ever looked at a list of Salesforce contacts and wished you could email some of them without having to create a campaign or a special view?  Have you ever been frustrated that the NPSP’s Affiliated Contacts structure removes the one useful part of Salesforce emailing (the ability to find other contacts with the same Account)?  Do you often need to email all Contacts affiliated with an Account?

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What is the NPSP Again???

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When we talk about the NPSP, what do we mean? It’s a common acronym in the Dictionary of Salesforce, but is it so common outside of that context? We’re not sure it is. That’s why we’re here today to tell you exactly what is meant when we refer to your organization’s NPSP, or Nonprofit Starter Pack.

Salesforce designed the NPSP knowing that its most common features were useful to nonprofits, but maybe needed a little bit of tweaking to be considered efficient and effective. Working on top of the Salesforce Enterprise Edition, the Nonprofit Starter Pack helps organizations manage donors, donor memberships and affiliations. It also allows for the creation of Household accounts and household giving, and incorporates recurring payments and gifts.

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Upgrading to NPSP 3.0

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To upgrade your Salesforce to NPSP 3.0:

1)  Create a new trial and choose “Pre-Configured for Donor Management.” (Note: you will need to create a different login than the current Salesforce, but it does not need to be a real email address.)
2) Call or email your Salesforce representative to request your grant be pointed to the new Salesforce instance. (If you don’t have contact info for your rep, you can email crmdonation@salesforce.com) They will ask you for the Organization ID of both the old instance and the new one. You can find them by going to Setup –> Company Profile –> Company Information –> Salesforce.com Organization ID (see below).
If they ask you to upgrade your old instance to NPSP 3.0, 501Partners can do that after we create the customizations without messing up your data.