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Play in the Sandbox for (Salesforce) Safety

By | CRM & Salesforce, Data Management


Did you ever have one of those moments where you wished that your life had an “Undo” button?  Of course you did! Maybe it was when you did something stupid, or when you crumpled a fender trying to squeeze into a parking place. Clients often assume that Salesforce has one too, and they blunder ahead without fear. The bad news is that Salesforce does NOT have an Undo button. Why not? As an online platform, it really can’t: once a command is sent to the server in Seattle or Atlanta or Kuala Lumpur, one cannot retrieve it.

However, Salesforce does have something that’s just as good as an Undo button: it’s called a Sandbox. A Sandbox allows you to test out changes to your Salesforce without affecting your data. Once you get the Sandbox working, you can reproduce it in your organization’s Salesforce account (called Production) and Voila! You’ve created your own Salesforce Undo button.

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What is the 501Launchpad?

By | Our Services

We use the term pretty often in our offices: 501Launchpad. We introduce it to our clients when we begin Salesforce implementation at their organizations. Now, we want to outline 501Launchpad to those of you who might not already know what it is. 501Partners takes pride in our project methodology. Simply put, our goal is your mission. Rather than simply implementing Salesforce at an organization and exiting the engagement immediately afterward, 501Partners strives to be your long-term partner in data management, while also building an internal competence in Salesforce at your nonprofit. We understand that a key component of this is customizing Salesforce to your organization’s unique needs.

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