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Salesforce Tip: Tracking Board and Committee Members in Salesforce

By | Donor Database, Volunteer Management

As the Director of a non-profit agency, the most important relationship you have is with your board of directors.  Board members are often your “super-donors”: they give their money, they give their time, and they give their connections to help you pursue other funding opportunities.  You want to keep careful track of board members present and past.

501Partners recommends two primary ways to keep your list of board members up to date.  One involves Affiliations and the other Campaigns.  Each has their particular strengths so you can choose on the basis of how your particular board is constituted and how they participate in the life of your organization.

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Salesforce for Your Nonprofit? 7 Things to Consider

By | CRM & Salesforce

Tens of thousands of nonprofits of all sizes are making the switch to Salesforce, for very good reason.  For our small and midsized clients, the price and flexibility simply can’t be beat.  The Salesforce Foundation provides a grant to ensure that your first 10 licenses are free, and subsequent licenses are available at very affordable prices.  The creators of the Nonprofit Starter Pack (also free to use) have thought through the majority of what any nonprofit needs to use Salesforce as a development and fundraising platform, and dozens of companies make integrated online fundraising a possibility.  Thousands of firms provide software to enhance and extend your Salesforce experience, and thousands more consulting firms can help you make the most of the system.

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Getting to Know Salesforce Files

By | Data Management, Salesforce News and App Reviews

Salesforce Files is a Chatter feature that allows for document collaboration between team members in an easy, efficient way. As Salesforce itself says, Files “reinvents file sharing for the enterprise, placing documents, videos, or presentations into the center of sales, service, and marketing processes.” The feature is very handy because it automatically updates the file (in all its locations) with new versions when ever you replace it, but keeps track of older versions, too.

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